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Overriding Ink Sensor On Brother MFC-240C

What does ink sensor do? Well, it keeps informing the user about the current level of cartridges as well as keeps you from printing when the level of ink is low. They also inform you about the consumption during normal use. But there are times where it is necessary to override the sensors though it is not advised not to let it run unless it fully dry. Go through the below process and if you find any issue in implementing the steps then get in touch with technical support service provider who will guide you through the steps and will fix your error.

Follow the below steps for overriding the ink sensor:

  • First of all open the cartridge cover lid which faces the printer’s front on its right side.
  • Then pull the lever down and lower the ink cartridges door.
  • MFC-240C will report you about the empty cartridge. Remove that ink cartridge.
  • Have a look at the ink cartridges end which is inserted into the MFC-240C. Search for the clear section where you can find the remaining color on the cartridge.
  • Cut out electrical tape piece to cover the ink sensor completely on every cartridge.
  • With the tape, cover the cartridges sensor. You can also use pencil or pencil eraser for pushing the tape plus also secure it on the cartridges.
  • In step 3, you have removed the ink cartridge, push it back into the MFC-240C. Pull the levers below the cartridges until and unless they don’t lock into a place.
  • By lifting from the outside, close the cartridge cover lid.
  • On MFC-240C machine, press on ‘2’ if asked. This will direct the printer that the previous cartridges are not replaced with new ones.

Call Brother Printer Support For Any Help And Guidance At (1800-823-141 )

If you need any help or assistance for your Brother device, then get in touch with our technical support team who will help in fixing all the issues and troubles without letting you wait once you contact us. Dial Brother Customer Support Number 1800-823-141 and talk to experts directly. We assure with the suitable solutions for all the issues you are facing. You can also reach us via live chat or email. We are available at your service for 24/7.

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