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How to Replace the Ink Absorber on a Brother Printer

Brother printer has an excellent feature of an ink absorber pad that soaks up the excess ink from the print cartridges, prevent smears and keep the cartridge free of dried ink. Many other printers’ manufacturer includes pad such as these on their inkjet printer but Brother’s pad has a unique quality that the printer actively monitors the waste ink absorber pads and will display error messages when the pads are full of ink. It is possible to replace the ink absorber on a Brother printer. We have provided you few steps to accomplish this task. You can further give us call on Brother printer customer helpline if you will face any difficulty while following these steps.

You can direct interact with our technical experts through this Brother printer customer helpline number+61-283206033 Australia. Before going to these steps you will require few things such as Disposable gloves, Napkin or paper towel and Replacement ink absorber pad

Step1- Initially, you have to open the printer just as when you install new ink cartridges. Let the cartridges cradle move to the center of the printing unit. Now unplug the printer to stop the cartridges in its position.

Step2- Now, places the waste ink absorber in its black rubber frame. They will be on the right side of your printer and located in the area where the ink cartridges remain when the printers stay in standby mode.

Step3- later on, use a paper napkin to soak up the excess ink that may be in pads by pressing it down into the top of the frame.

Step4- pulls the rubber frames from the printer, wear gloves and now carefully remove the ink absorber pad or pad from the rubber frame.

Step5- Now inserts the new ink absorber pads into the rubber frame. Change the rubber frame in its original position and then close the printer.

Step6- thereafter, you have to hold down the power button and then plug the printer. Keep holding the power button until the printer will start and reset itself and come online.

Step7- at the last step waits for the green light to turn and the press and release the power button again. It should blink for two to three seconds, and then stay lit; this will indicate that the printer has been reset and is ready to print again without errors.

If you have any issues so just call at Brother Printer Helpline Number Australia +61-283206033 .

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